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Celebrating Zoo Lover’s Day

To view more photos and videos of Zoo Lover’s Day, browse the #zoolovers hashtag on Instagram.

Happy Zoo Lover’s Day! Since the London Zoological Gardens were established in 1828, zoos have been a place to marvel at some of the most fascinating wild animals in the world, all in one place. Many zoos, however, have developed broader and more ambitious goals around education and conservation, engaging visitors in deeper ways with the issues that animals and their habitats may face in the wild.

Interested in learning more about zoos through the day-to-day lives of the animals they care for? Be sure to follow these zoos on Instagram:

May mga panahong nakakamiss din, pero kung iisipin kong mabuti..

Okay na ang single, kesa in a relationship nga na wala namang peace of mind..

Wala din namang bearing ang kilig kung moments, kung may duda ka pag hindi magkasama..

kaya Mr Future, take your time.. Pag nagkita at nagkakilala tayo, tayo lang huh.. Wala ng sabit..

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